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First new Blog from the desk of Mordy

A new home for means a ton of work for poor LDR, my literary assistant. But it should mean more and better, because isn't that what it's all for?

More science fiction.

More fantasy.

More horror.

Even more horror.

And truth be told, after appearing in more than 40 literary magazines in 2022 as well as the breakneck pace of 2023 already this February, it's hard to keep track of that side of this business.

Books? Much easier.

Holy Water is at 75% final, has begun query process as of Valentine's Day or so.

Anna's Odyssey is complete and has been requested in full by multiple publishers and agents. There is an evil twin of this novel which is the conclusion of the GHOSTS series, but this is being withheld until Anna finds her way safely to earth. Sorry to fans of Rigs and Slicer, I know it's been a tough wait.

I promise you, it's very worth the patience.

Ironblood is a more complicated manuscript. After being named a Finalist for the 2022 Claymore Award, it made it harder to "just accept publication" and it is now seeking a bigger, wider venue. The book was reshaped by a fourth editor, and has gotten three offers so far in two months, but I'm holding out for that right publisher or agent to do something more with this lifelong passion concerning Pittsburgh's history. And I think it may be a movie just begging to be produced. Very sorry to everyone who has expressed interest, but it's going to take time.

The Seven Children of God is also complete, and steaming ahead towards publication. This manuscript was also a Claymore Award Finalist is 2022. The terror lurking in its pages is realistic and faith-shaking. Somewhere between a thriller and a literary exploration of life and death similar to King, Crichton, and Clancy, you will love this book.

MOVIES- Yes, it's true. I am an associate executive producer for a feature film starring Sean Astin and Ali Larter... can't wait. There's a trailer, but no more speaking of it for luck.

TV- Currently binging Cheers, The Office, Baking It, Bake Squad, Only Murders In the Building, and Poker Face.

Man I love the last group, and the others are classics being re-watched.

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica!

That's it for today. Be on the lookout for free stories in Barzakh Magazine this month, and some others too. Eventually all shorts will show in in collection subsequent to Up From the Black.

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