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Mord McGhee's Hungarian Mushroom Soup

Today I made a batch of what was called by a random online recipe "Hungarian Mushroom Soup."

The end results were excellent, but I had to do some tweaking.

To start with, my ingredients differed slightly because I had my own homemade chicken broth and whey which I traditionally make soup bases out of.

Here's the recipe as it ended up. Note: I have a family member who needs as little lactose as possible, so that would be why it is light on the cream content.

Ingredients list:

16 oz whey (or see recipe step 2 for substitution thought)

16 oz chicken stock

2 medium sweet onions (Vidalia is what I had)

3 green onions

Olive oil, approx. 1 tsp

1 pound (more or less to taste) portabella mushrooms, sliced or whole

1 pound (more or less to taste) white mushrooms, sliced or whole

1/4th pound sliced shitake mushrooms

kosher salt to taste

black pepper to taste

Smoked Paprika approx. 2 TSP to taste

Note: I use Penzey's Spices, they're quite good and the links above are not sponsored. Just spice love.

A dash of lemon pepper or lemon peel.

1/4th cup Sour cream

2 TSP plain, unflavored oat milk (2% milk or heavy cream)

Cherry tomatoes for garnish



Large dice two sweet onions, medium sized.

Salt and pepper lightly. Add the tsp of olive oil and the three green onions, whites sliced thin and green end sliced and preserved for garnish should you wish to top your bowl before eating. In a large sauce pan, melt one half of a stick of butter, cook the onions clear while cutting the remaining half-stick into four equal pats. Once the onions are done, put them into a stock pot where you will assemble the soup.


add twelve to sixteen ounces chicken stock and sixteen ounces of whey. You probably won't have whey in mason jars unless you, too, make your own ricotta cheese, therefore I would choose eight ounces skim milk and eight ounces water. (feedback if you do!)

Low heat to stock pot.


slice the mushrooms, sautéing in batches for about 4-5 minutes in the large sauce pan, each using one of the pats of butter and salting and peppering as desired. This is why the remaining part of the stick of butter was cut into four equal parts in step 1. Add the mushroom to the stock pot, repeat until all mushrooms are in the pot.


Add 1 TSP paprika, and up to 1 more TSP to taste. If your paprika is not as bold as Penzey's, then you may need more.

Add 1/2 tsp of roasted garlic powder and 1 tsp of dill weed. (If fresh, use less accordingly.) Stir the stockpot, raising the heat to medium.

In a bowl mix the 1/4th cup sour cream (or more if you like cream) and the 2 TSP of the milk you are using, and stir until thin. Add to the stockpot's contents.

Stir lightly until contents are bubbling/ just beginning to boil, then lower the heat level. Add the dash of lemon pepper and keep pot at simmer for approximately 15 minutes. Lower heat to the lowest setting and cook another 5-10 minutes, stirring and checking your spice level.

Allow to cool enough to taste.


Serving Suggestions:

This made a decent yield so have enough storage ahead of time. I served my soup over a spoonful of sautéed and finely diced broccoli stem/collard greens stems. It added a nice texture and I got lucky at the farm and had some extra this week. My daughter added 3-4 cherry tomatoes right out of the fridge, and a pinch of the sliced green onion tops. She said it was quite good.

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